Thursday, July 2, 2009

Visit Lenggok Betawi

Last tuesday,me and bf went to Lenggok Betawi restaurant,my friend is 1 of d owner..The rest speciality is tail!i'm not a tail eater person..But still i try them.My friend ordered us:Sop buntut, buntut rendang, bakwan jagung, and bakwan udang..My favorite is the tail soup..Their upcoming menu is ribs!will be back soon then..
Anyway our 1st visit is free aka no charge at all..full stomach wit full wallet.haha..

Visit lenggok betawi at:rukan cordoba blok b no.8,jl.marina indah,bukit golf mediterania,pantai indah kapuk,jkt-utara. (56983673/


t a l i s h a said...

the corn fritter looks nyum nyumm.. (:

Jessica said...

haaha i nver tried lenggok betawi eventhough i live in PIK. i should give a try sometime! is the food delicious ? =))