Friday, July 24, 2009

So Far So Good

Today went to Miracle Clinic at Kemang,they celebrate their anniversary,and the place i worked is havin media partner wit them.for u guys who loved to pamper urself u should visit their anniv event,they had a very special rate on 24,25,27 july plus jewellery exhib..The woman dat also wearin batik is d Mkt Manager,Ms.Herdina,i think she looks like u agree?
Then continue by havin lunch at Blok S,eat baso kumis (very huge!!) and siomay..but d siomay is dissappointing,,,booo

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dance with me forever said...

halo gricia, kantor ku bukan advertising, lebih konsultan perencana..but my bf do work in an advertising agency.its lowe bangkok :)