Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Unconditional Love

artwork by Monica Loe
Yesterday is the day where i turned to 26 y.o =) Feel blessed and grateful because lots of sweet wishes fillin my twitter, facebook and bbm for the whole day. I would like to thank GOD for giving me health, a great partner - Temmy, a loving family, the sweetest girlfriends and a sweet journey as a blogger =')

Above is an artwork by Monica Loe, my high school friend who is very unique, edgy and talented in making DIY and editing. I accidentally found this when i did my blog walking to her's and at first i'm confused coz her blog post title is my name, Gricia Effendi. So i read thru the post and almost drop my tears in front of my office computer. Haha.. Thanks a lot Monic.. It is one of the best gift i got. Visit the post HERE!

Talking about birthday, of course there will be some cool gifts from my siblings and friends haha.. All of them are still on the way cause most of my wish list are from the online shops. Hehe.. Will share em when they arrived ;)


M said...

bouquet of love <333
feel so glad to know that it brings a smile to your face ^-^
and i want to see those birthday gifts, must be awesome

michelle_ said...

happy belated birthday Gricia :) :) may God bless you !