Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2nd Blogger Meet Up

Me and the young fashion bloggers ;P
Dina from B'Girl, Moi and Febrina
Duo Michelle in action! =D
ps:they both had a great fashion sense!
With Michelle the EO for blogger meet up..thanks dear!
Lalita and Me
Me and Talisha..
U had a great eyes, great shoes, great bag,great etc ;P
Really loves this cute girl..I'll find out ur blog dear..u're so adorable with ur huge camera.haha
Details from Febrina...Cool rite? Michelle also had a great details but unfortunately the picture result is kinda crap coz i'm taking it with mobile phone

To all bloggers who attend d meet up..please drop comment of ur blog name if u're not in my local blog roll..I'm gonna link ya'll...See ya at others meet up!!!!


febrina utami putri said...

wowww i love my detailed photo!! by the way, you look pretty with the nes haircut!!

Nora Tagore said...

i love your skirt that you wore to the meet up!
its really nice to meet you in person. yeah..hopefully we can meet in another meet up. =))


A N A S T A S Y A said...

Griciaa yg sama fhenny hari jumat bsk dtg ga? apparently at KOIKI I left when you were coming :(

GRICIA said...

@febrina n Nora:thank u..
@Anastasya:kayanya ngga deh

sii miemi said...

woa, ka cia... thx for droping ur comment.
yaah aku ga sempe foti brg nih.hehehe..
but next time i'll..
btw i've linked u ka, linked me back yaa..

t a l i s h a said...

hahaha thanks for the great compliments kak.. i'm literally blushin hahaha!! too bad u came late.. you look great as well..

see you next time :)

p.s: please join my blog giveaway. today is the last day!