Monday, February 8, 2010

Siblings minus sister

Hammer shirt, Iconia necklace, mum's vintage snake print skirt, Mango sling heart bag, M phosis flats
My 1st brother
My 2nd brother
Me with goodie bag from B Girl girls while i'm attending the 2nd blogger meet up (pictures will be uploaded later)


piping said...

huaa! kak gricia uda yah foto sama goodie bagnya. hihih, aku aja blom. anw, i love ur snake print skirt, awesome!


Anonymous said...

you look great with the goodie bag ka :) yea i just realize that u're the one whos missing on the meet up pict hehe

A N A S T A S Y A said...

loving the photo with the goodiebag!! the expression is cute :D

michellehendra said...

love love love the bagg :)


GRICIA said...

@piping:udh foto tp lom d tag coz lupa msti tag k syapa.hehe
@tysha:yep ='( akibat telat
@anastasya & michellehendra :thanks dear

HARAJUKU on SPOT said...

sayang, thank youuu buat photo bareng si goody bag..hehehe

piping said...

oh uda aku tag-in kok ke kak dinanya :) iyayy, hope we can meet again soon :))


regina said...

kak griciaaaaa ahh you're sooo lucky to have brother:)))) and soo lucky too to join the 2nd meet up. i just cant join you all yesterday.sooo sad:(

Jessica said...

loving the snake pattern skirt and the shoes :D :D
cute 2 brothers you have! haha.. xD

betz said...

oh, you are all so adorable.


faizz said...

wih lama gak berkunjung kemari, apakabar dunia?

tetep asyik khan?

maen2lagi ketempat gue yah......

GRICIA said...

@regina:we'll meet at d next meet up yhaa

@jessica:mau knalan?hehe

@betz:thx ^__^

@faizz:kabar baikk..baju buat diana bgusssss

Nora Tagore said...

love the skirt and the shoes! =))