Sunday, February 15, 2009

i love sundae

i love today bcoz:
1.had a very nice preach at JPCC church...
2.All day long wit my dearest boyfriend Temmy.
3.Meet my girlfriends,one of them treat us at Fish n Co EX
4.Relaxing my feet by havin a reflexiology wit my bf for an hour
5.Dinner at Pancious and havin a very yummy spaghetti smoked beef +coco berry pancake (i'm collecting stamps here so i can b d member.he2..needs 3 stamp,and rite now its already 2)


themahdavinovel said...

*salam kenal ya Gricia

*Saya mengundang anda tuk bc Novel sy yg berjudul HEXVERSTOONE di blog saya, harap di follow juga ya, mohon dukungannya

*Salam hormat

Miss B said...

Hiya gurl!! ur a blogger now 'eh ? hehehe welcome ya.. gw link page lu ke page gw ye.. in case u wanna drop by, here's my blog :

great blog page u got here ^^ LV'nya cheerful ! skalian buat jualan ya.. ^^