Monday, March 15, 2010

Brightspot opening

Yurifa,Me and Lala.Dont u think they both so gorgeous?
One of my fav bloggers..who else..of course diana rikasari with her quirky cute style
I think its d 1st time Tasha D had a booth at i right?she looks pretty
YPO booth - sells all vintage worth to buy stuff
Super hectic crowd at d opening day
I still dunno what did they sells..
Havin late dinner with Steph and Lala at Sanpachi Ramen

Surprisingly i didnt bought anything from the opening day..decided to came back on friday and bought a flowy top from happy go lucky and semi hi waist pants from magic happens =D

Still curious with some brand and already got their name card for brosing..but my brain is also telling me dat i'm going broke if i cant manage my finance ='(

So in order to get side income, i'm planning to sell some of my stuff or baking cakes..


F i K a said...

griciaaaa..too bad that we can't meet on the opening bsm!!

padahal aku ktmu mba nia ama mba ayu lhoo pas baru sampe, pas mrk lg ngecek2 boothnya cleo..hehe
trs aku juga makan di sanpachi koq kita ga ktmu yaa..hehehe

anw,smiley itu jual semacam parfum therapy gtuu..hihi

sii miemi said...

waa kemarin di brightspot liat ka cia..
mau foto bareng tapi takut,hehe...
u look awsome ka

bella francisca said...

hey, the brightspot is really great ya? :)
btw thanks for the comment.
do you love to baking some cakes? x)

xoxo bee <3

GRICIA said...

@fika:o ya?after those all coincidence..kt gk ktmu sama skali.haha..maybe next brightspot ;)

@sii miemi:takut? super ramah kok.hahaha =P

@bella:brightspot alwys great..bout baking,actually i do like it..but since i'm working i never had time for baking anymore

ALdO AKiRA said...

anD NiCe SToRy aNd PiCtuRe..
u dO GReaT aNd FuN joB i tHiNK..
NiCe tO KnoW u SisTeR..

viSit My bLoG oK deaR?


GRICIA said...

@Aldo : alright..i'll visit =)

fai said...

Gricia kemana aja?
Wah sibuk neh? Ampe gak pernah mengunjungi gue lagi.

Vinda Sonata said...

lookin stunning, girl.
lovely pictures.


INBERT StreetStyle said...

Greecc.. I gave you an award.
plisss take it from my blog..


ALdO AKiRA said...

MaU dONG MaKeUp2 di MaJaLaH-Mu..

Veren Lee said...

u're so stunning, ci :)
too bad ak klewatan brightspot trs gr2 ga k jkt x(

visit & comment my blog
.a little princess.
thanks! :DD

Anonymous said...


fhen said...

love your outfit!
too bad i miss this brighspot!
hope they will hold it again on june haha

GRICIA said...

@fhen:hopefully ;)

nisa-chan said...

hi :)
nice blog ^_^

fai said...


t a l i s h a said...

hihi smiley itu i guess jual parfum deh.. i saw their product in a magz gt last year.. anyway you loom dazzling in red lipstick! smokin hot :)