Saturday, September 15, 2012

D'eyeko Premium Lashes is in J town!

Step by step
Eyelash adhesive (glue)

 Hi guys.. I wanna share about my new experience "playing" with eyelashes... Usually i only use fake eyelashes for special occassion. Until one day D'eyeko sent me these 4 beautiful premium lashes! I immediately know when i'm going to wear them..

My first attempt is using the natural volume one for a photo shoot with my colleague.. I can easily wear those lashes because the length is already fit my eyes and the eyelash adhesive (glue) is very sticky that it can hold for all day long! Moreover there's information about "How To" and The "Step by Step" images. The result is satisfying! It looked very natural, not too much but it adds some sparks in my eyes =D

And then the second attempt is today! I used the "Olga Lydia" lashes (name after an actress in Indonesia) to attend a fashion show. But since the show was held on night, I have to manage to look not over the top on the afternoon but i don't have much time between office hour and preparation to the show, that's why i decided to wear the Olga Lydia lashes which looked natural as well since the morninge. Again its very easy to apply, the adhesive won't make any messy coz the liquid is transparent and i still looked "normal" at the office.

Some colleagues compliment my eyelashes because D'eyeko lashes looks very natural, well no wonder since they're using a natural hair and 100% handmade that's why it feels softer and lighter not like other fake lashes who often to make your eyes itchy and not comfortable.

So if you guys wondering where to get D'eyeko Premium Lashes you can visit them at:
Facebook: Deyeko
Twitter: DeyekoID