Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tomorrow Land

The invitation

Put my eye on the right pic outerwear

fbudi dress, mango heart sling bag, asos boots, kandura ring
Monic - Grazia fashion director, Me and Pamela
Got invited to X S,M,L "Tomorrow Land" fashion show at Fairgrounds. The invitation is passport look alike.. When i received it, i can imagine there will be "going somewhere" scene =D

Luckily i arrived at the venue right on time. They open the show by announcing the best dress and then the show is starting. Surprisingly i thought the plane is only a decoration but the door slide is open and all the models are going down the stairs!!! Very cool!!!

They start with (mostly) whitey collection. I spotted lots of cool outerwear, and then the color start popping like blue, basic earth colors and polkadots print.. Very cute.. Oh and there are some effortlessly cool dress. When the models walk the runway i can see some front rower are taking pictures of it. Some of the collections already available at the stores. Go visit before you ran out of stocks ;)

ps: sorry for the low quality images, too much zooming i guess. Currently i'm saving some money to buy new camera. Wish me luck!

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Mitha Komala said...

ci cia cantik with the dress >.< was nice to meet you at xsml~ see you in the next event! xxxx

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