Sunday, November 23, 2008

Family Dae

Today i'm soo lazy..after wake up from ma sleep i went downstairs,eat some toast and honey,then watch cartoon and oprah..After dat take a nap again!Then at 2pm my parents want to see bazaar at plaza indonesia,there's lots of beautiful shoes from nine west but unfortunately they dont hv my size anymore.hiks..But i bought a basic black sweater from marks and spencer..Zara is also on sale but i dont get enough time to search coz my dad bored and want to get out immediately..huff..hopefully i'll hv time to visit it again.hehe..

(i took pic in zara fitting room while my mom is tryin clothes ^_^)

We went to nu bumbu desa restaurant at cideng,the owner is gunawan the actor..and he's there,say hi to each nice of him..and the food is also tasty by the way


misstephanie said...

why dun u buy those stuff that u are wearing in the fitting room? i think it look good on u..
btw, zara sale ato pi nya yg sale??

Diana Ang said...

helo :)
hv ncie day dear

GRICIA said...

actually its d outfit i wore yesterday dearr