Saturday, November 29, 2008

3D and Family Dae

Last nite i went to EX.I'm havin a double date,me n temmy wit Anny and his husband..We watched "journey to the center of the earth" in 3D,its quite fun..My bf laugh at me.He said i'm look ridiculous (same wit him =P ) well d main cast,brendan fraser is an expert in dat kind muvie i think..Same with "mummy" its about adventure and special effect..At d end of the muvie,his givin the atlantis book to his nephew,which probably there will be another next muvie..

Rite now, i just got back from a family dae,starts with dim sum with sum of my auntie from kalimantan then continued to senayan city..(while we're eatin dim sum at Sun City,me n my sis takin picture at the toilet.haha..I'm wearin the dress she made,but rite now she didnt design anything again coz she's workin as Max Mara store manager..Here is she..much thinnier than me..

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