Sunday, November 30, 2008

D Vinyl Legging

Today i went to Taman Anggrek wit ma fam..guess wat??one of my wish list,the leather legging is hanging at Zara..I've been to topshop its more expensive and no more size for me..My mum "insist" me to take it so i grab it.he2..actually i already bought a look alike one at Tanah Abang wit a very cheap price coz its wholesale.but the fabric is pretty different and legging is never out of date..So having couple of it dats fine rite??


u-ung said...

Hi...It's nice to know you!!
You wore latex legging, didnt you?? will be a next big thing I think!!I also wanted to buy it @Zara, but unfortunately,they didn't fit on my legs..huh..!

GRICIA said...

maybe u can try topshop..but the price two times than zara's..yep!i'm agree wit u its goin to b the next big thing!!

Anonymous said... have a fantastic mom who always knows what you want!!!
Amazing mom and love your latex!!!