Sunday, December 28, 2008

LaLaLa..i'm bored

Fiuh..i really hv nothin to do parents and brothers is heading to macau =( my sister is working,my bf is repairing his jusst finished tidyin up the clothes its very took about an hour.i really need a bigger closet,there's a joke i often to said to my sis,when will u get married?i need ur here it tidy least it can survive about 1/2 month ^_^
Last nite i watch madagascar 2 wit bf,here's wat i'm wearin.he said,why do u dress up like that?fyi..he's wearing a cargo pants and flip flop..he's unpredictable.1 time he dress up another time he so casual..but thats fine dear.u always looks good ;P

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karl's sweet child said...

madagascar 2 is sooo funny..especially melman and gloria..