Wednesday, December 31, 2008


yesterday i went to ITC mangdu,one of my fav place to shopping.he2..well maybe not 4 yesterday coz the electricity was its very hot!hot!for those who've been there must noe how crowded there..first its kinda turn off my mood,but few hours later d electric is working again and i can take more air..hahhh...i went to friends boutique and got a cute top ^_^ but overall i dont think there's much "items" dat day..besides d crowd makes me wanna go home,and yep!like usual i hv to stuck in d traffic after drop my while driving,i'm taking my pic quietly so dat other cars not realize.khukhukhu


Lydia Florencia said...

hi, Gricia.. Nice to meet you :)
Do you have Facebook account?

karl's sweet child said...

hey, i love those knee high socks!!
i got my haircut from peter f saerang PIM..
thanks for your wishes, gricia.. (thanks for following my blog too) o yeah, avoiding nice foods is soooo hard!