Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas gift from Oline

Last nite,i'm having a girls nite out (well there's 1 boy,he's my friend bf)..We're havin dinner at birdcage..the place and atmosphere was great..i like the music they played.but the food is average i think..then we also exchange x'mas gift.and Oline is the one who gave me!(i'll show our picture later).She gave the ting tings and love lounge CD plus a thong from topshop..I love all of them!!thx dear..


J.Yo said...

awww, i have to say, i sooo envy you for that CD (ting tiiiings!) and the gorgz thong.

we have pretty similar taste. i love this nouvelle you play on your blog!

first time here!

GRICIA said...

hi..u noe,i'm hearing the album rite now..i think u should buy it.coz its really "fun to hear" album ^_^