Sunday, December 14, 2008

Batik by geulis

Today,as usual is d family dae..So me n family went to PI and had some lunch then window shopping..In front of Nautica,there's a lil booth (i think its temporary) selling batik items..Then i stop by and fall in love with some of their stuff.he2..So i got two items from the "sale section".Definitely worth it =) i also like another stuff there..but my parents not allowed me to buy it.they said it doesnt look good.but in my opinion IT IS!! hehe..but the end i dont buy it.Maybe later?? ;P


Diana Rikasari said...

lucuuuuuuuuu :)

ianeryantowongso said...

ini gracies life aje!

great blog
gw lagi belajar neh..

GRICIA said...

diana:thx di..
ian:hahaha..well it should be story bout me rite?hehe..sama lah g jg newbie

Anonymous said...

waduh lucu banget...........apalagi ya ijo.........duh lucu!!!!!!!!!!!!!

intan bercerita said...

salam kenal yaa
waww, batik yang pertamanya lucu banget :D

Song of Style said...

i heart the color of ur skirt and the pattern. and the fit. haha