Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Photo Courtesy of Anaztasia Siantar
Romwe Dress, Capsule flats from Sing, Kandura Ring, Mango sling bag

Pictures from Ninotchka "Summer Wipe Out", went there with Fheney, we had a long conversation since the the venue is located quite far from our place (we live in the same neighborhood) and surprisingly Fheney is my junior when i'm in junior hi and we even had a choir concert together years ago!!! We laughed at it together loudly.. hahaha... such a small world =D

That day Ninotchka is very crowdedddd.. So please mind my oily face T_T Very happy coz i got the chance to chat with several new blogger friends there, Gaby, Mitha, Rosa, Mei and Rachel.. Nice to meet you all!!! Oh it's also my first meet up with Sonia, didn't had much conversation thou coz all participating bloggers in the wipe out are very busy..  Still manage to take a snap with Cindy K, Anaz, Cindy B, Michelle and Marcella Carolin...  Hopefully i can meet them again but in a more relax atmosphere. Haha...

I have to say that I feel grateful for this bloggerhood, it really opens my networking in meeting with cool peoples who shares the same interest, which is FASHION! Woohoooo.....

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Easy Bag

May has been really nice with me.. One of the best news I got is when Clozette team email me and announce that I'm the winner for their "The Next It Bag" contest!!! I receive the email when I'm in a fed up condition with office thingy so this is really brighten my day. Haha.. I won a chic YSL Easy Bag  from Reebonz =))

If you haven't joined as Clozette member go visit their website now, sign up as a member and you can share your looks / closet items / desired items / many more with fashion lover at all over the world.. We can also follow each other btw ;) You can try your luck by joining their fabulous contests as well.. So i'll see you there Clozetters!

ps: I'll be in Singapore from 11 - 14th June for Adtech Exhibition, this is the first time i went to Singapore for working and not for holiday. Haha.. Will have some free time on 11-12th June, if any of you guys in the town as well, let's meet up aka accompany me please. Hahaha =D