Friday, March 6, 2009

my wish list

Lots of expenses i had this month,its just started but my money is gettin i have to delay things dat i'm goin to buy and do =( well i'm planning to, but it doesnt mean i have to own them coz sum of them is kind of pricy.
1.Folli follie olyteus watch..(i'm lookin for boys watch and this one grab my attention)
2.Cottonink shawl (maybe i'll buy 2,basic and bright colour),see them at
3.Order high heels at Perbanas (thx for
4.Buy a bag at I like two bag here.dunno which one to buy 5.Havin a hair cut (freakin bored wit it,any ideas where to cut?i want sumthin different,i never stick at one hairdresser)
6.Leather jacket,u can find it at


karl's sweet child said...

Hairdresser gw dari smp ga pernah ganti..hahahaha!

aridinamics said...

wah, nice blog ya
and good taste too

Diana Ang said...

nice blog :D
aku link yah. met kenal hehehe

GRICIA said...

thanks guys ^O^

t a l i s h a said...

nice blog. thx for the links. exchange links yuk. hehe btw aku jg yoga lhoo. tp d tmpad fitness gt.. hehe