Monday, May 4, 2009


Yesterday, i went to Mekarsari..well too bad we cant see the fruits coz its not d harvest time yet..But u can have a photo session,in case u're looking for nice spot.When d time we want to go home,there're a Hip Hip Hura event by SCTV.And u know what,when d time Ridho Irama perform all d girls shoutting "AAAaaaa.....". Even a lil girl ran to d stage area and said "Aku lupa Ridho-ku"...hahaha...So is dangdut dat universal? ^O^

ps:i'm wearing d same clothes wit d last time i went out wit ma friends,too lazy to think,and in hurry..hoho..


ONiC said...

LOL kalau nggak baru liat infotainment tadi pagi aku nggak akan tau siapa rhido irama. kayaknya dia lagi booming yah. anyway, you looking cute darla ;)

GRICIA said...

hehe..thx dear..

vorega badalamenti said...


ONiC said...

i didn't read the comics unfortunately. i watch gals on youtube, and unfortunately they missed some episodes arghhh

karl's sweet child said...

oh so cuuuute!

i tagged you, gricia..check my blog!

neida said...

thanks for visiting my blog again sweety!

I watch project runway season 5 at you tube, but i believe project runway is being aired on discovery travel and living.

the dress that you wore is so cute!
love the detail