Sunday, October 18, 2009

One Day...

while waitin for my bestfriend tried on pedro shoes as her bday gift
These Miu-Miu socks is very tempting!!! (ELLE UK)

Such a killer heels from Gucci..the colour..AWESOME (ELLE UK)

Tried Toni Jak's at Sarinah with boyfriend..from my opinion..i think the chilli sauce is more spicy..and the chicken is more crispy..


Jowy said...

Those Miu-Miu socks are gorgeous, they make a great diy by the way!

One Love,

michelle_ said...

miu miu socks nya cakep banget yah . tp harga nya se-langit jg -_-"

nice to know r blog :D

selly octavia said...

so the Toni Jak's foods is better than McD's then?

GRICIA said...

@jowy n michelle:iya lucu banget yhaa..klo liat look alikenya kabar2i yhaa..
@selly:emmm..not really..for me they equal..

Caroline Robianto said...

actually my email is written on the side bar on my blog. hahaha :D but anyway, here it is:

thanks for dropping by on my blog