Monday, May 24, 2010

Lets have a date

Watched shrek 3 at xxi epicentrum, the movie is hilarious and and bf tried this new theater, well there's nothing much at the mall since its "just open" but we like that there's a lots of open air area..i'm definitely will be back when they having more stores / restaurant...


Trie Diksi said...

keren yg ini. btw bowler hatnya dr mana?
happy birthday juga ya! :)

GRICIA said...

its from LM boutique at tebet =D

regina said...

i agree with you kak! shrek forever after is really a hilarious movie!

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Anonymous said...

oh love that's hat:D
and happy birtday:)


Anonymous said...

A friend to everybody is a friend to nobody..............................................

HeathD_Pa65465 said...
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Great Outfit!

You look stunning =)


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Dorothy Souhuwat said...

i have same bowler hat like you,,but i have the white one..

t a l i s h a said...

heart the hat kakk..

GRICIA said...

@dorothy:haha..yeah i can see it from ur profile pic
@talisha:thanks dear..

{ I V Y } said...

i luuurve the hat!

Anonymous said...

loving this! really fun
youve got a great blog, keep it up!
thanks for sharing, i'll be watching your posts


michelle_ said...

happy belated birthday again ya cia :)
itu dress lu cutting ny bagus dh ! :)

have a great weekend !

Amanda "Creamy" Apriani said...

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F i K a said...

hey are you?
I love your red bowler!! you look great with that :)

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Vinda Sonata said...

griciaaaa... outfitnya bagus banget. suka banget sama atasannya. keren kombinasi sama merah. g juga suka sama shrek. lucu banget yaaa... puss jd gendut ^^
keep in touch!! :)

GRICIA said...

@vinda:thanks also adore ur style! *kiss*

AlvianaKalin said...

lovely outfit!


Vina said...

cute bowler hat!