Monday, June 21, 2010

Phuket Trip 28 - 30 May 2010

Visiting Wat Chalong Temple
Try some pad thaiThe Port Cafe / Bar ? with their outdoor live music.Me ordered bloody mary which tasted like bloody hell!!hahaha
Browsing some accessories store at Patong Road
Back to hotel with tuk - tuk (local vehicle)
1 day trip to some island (Maya Bay, Khai Noi, etc)

Snorkeling, Swimming, Smiling, Laughing...One of our best moment
At tuk - tuk heading to the weekend market
People..this snack is seriously tasty!!!!me want it againnn!!!!Crowd at Bangla Road - the most famous nightlife at Phuket.
Notice the "bunny"?hehehe..i dunno what the hell is he doing!

Time to go home..back to Jakarta..back to reality...'s the story..I went to Phuket with my 3 besties (Isya,Steph,Oline) minus Fika..At that time, Thai is still in their political situation that myself and Isya almost canceled our trip because our parents worry with our safety..
After convincing with some prove that Phuket is safe, finally we made it but unfortunately without Fika (her parents not allowed her to go) so her ticket was used by Isya's boyfriend..

We had a blast eventhou at d first night Steph got a bad stomachache in 2 am and continued with Oline at d 2nd night plus our trip is very very short...(My father said its like i only go to Puncak.haha) but in general we are happy for it coz its quite refreshing after some tiring work life at jakarta..We definitely will go back one day and we already planned for our next trip : Situ Gintung Island!!

ps: will post some items that i got from Phuket ;)


Turquoise and Lily said...

aaa it seems very fun... :)

cia, ikutan giveaway ak donk di


GRICIA said...

inih mau ikutan kok ;)

michelle_ said...

weeehhhh enak jalan2 ! gw uda lama nga jalan2 ih :(
makanan jg kek nya enak dehh..

t a l i s h a said...

awesome.. i've never been to phuket.. cant wait to see wht u got!

GRICIA said...

@michelle:belum lama ini ad k sing kan?
@talisha:cuma dapet dkit..short trip tal..hehe

D e g a i n e said...

Looks like so much fun!!


love fashion said...

huaaaaah pengen :(( asik banget trip nyaaaa

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