Friday, July 9, 2010

Huge Yellow Dot

at Plaza Indonesia Extension Level 4
tulisan booth
fab.e booth
Cuff links booth
Ms.Niluh Sekar from Proklamasi (and editor in chief for Dewi magazine as well)
Heidy (loves her hair & her clogs), Me and Diana (such a sweet woman, loves her necklace & her silver top) and anyway i just realize yesterday after several times i met her..There's no glass at her glasses!hahaha
Bethany and her boyfriend (cute couple!)
With some office mates (Mega and Lala), at d middle is Silvy (the sexy and talented girl), she's wearing her own handmade necklace..her brand is pax et lux which is goin to launch in d next 2 month
yeah!!!the bloggers loves brightspot! ;D

uBrightspot is back ya'll!!as usual the opening was so packed and crowded..but of course i can still manage to concentrate to get some stuff...haha..And this time is quite fun coz i met lots of bloggers =)

Anyway i would like to share some recommended booth to visit :
1.tulisan --> i feel like i want to have all of those pretty paper,
2.sou brette --> their edgy necklace is such an "item" for me,
3.vahada --> loves their dinosaur collection, especially the dinasour eye dress that reminds me with Christopher Kane for Topshop collection
4.cotton ink --> they really rles at brightspot! always love their basic collection
5.proklamasi --> provides "all white" top that shows that less is more!such an effortless style and i think you should have at least one of it..u can match it with almost anything and it gives u a clean and chic look!

Well too bad i'm in a tight budget so i can't buy all of those stuff, just 2 from 5 brand that i mention above..hihi..Maybe at d next Brightspot on November..haha...

ps: i'll share u guys the stuff i bought tomorrow


michelle_ said...

gw jg blm sempet ngoprek cia.. rame banget, jd rada males ngiderin nya..hehehe..

sii miemi said...

love ur bowler hat ka..
too bad i didnt take a pict with you


dotie said...

I've heard so much about this event..
definitely need to check out all these hip Indonesian brand :)
thanks for the info!

eclectic du jour

GRICIA said...

@sii miemi:next time we will
@dotie:yes u should dear =)

Aimee said...

Awesome photos! Looks like so much fun!

fai said...

muke gue ngantuk banget yah disana, hahahahaa, maklum baru bangun tidur, qiqiqii..

cia thanks for the invitation yeahhhh

Turquoise and Lily said...

cia, i envy to you.. i can't go there :(

evita nuh said...

yes yes! it's too bad we didn't bumped to each other! :( but maybe next time? hehehe for nikicio paper clothes it's actually a lil bit to big for me, but it's sooo freakin awesome! I can't help it! :D hehehe already got idea to take pictures :D hehehe

and oh! thank you so much for stopping by at my blog! :D

F i K a said...

hey ciaa..thanks for the invitation..finally we met in person ;)
see ya next time :)