Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New in town

I have 8 best friends in my life, and Anny is the only 1 who already tied the knot. Last sunday, she just got a little precious baby named Phoebe Gianny Huang...She's so pretty right?!every time i see her picture, i feel like i want to cry..happy tears of course =D

O yeah the last pic!My Dad gave me Gc watch - sport class series. Actually i'm expecting the bigger one, but this one is FAB as well..So i don't mind and still HAPPY. Thanks Dad! Love YA ;)

I'm too lazy to share some outfit post coz i'm too lazy to charge my digicam, too lazy to ask my brother to help me take a snap..So yeah..i'm lazy... =P

Anyway just bought my self some new outfit: cottonink light cream boxy tee with tassels, nikicio paper clothes (hasn't arrived yet)...For me the paper clothes is a collector item so i should get one, eventhou i'm not really sure is it comfortable to wear or not.


michellehendra said...

such a baby!!!! :) btw, post your new outfit!!! :))


michelle_ said...

ahhh bayi nya imut sekali :)
i love ur watch !! i think the size suits ur wrist very well !

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