Friday, December 3, 2010

3 Scenes

Some people are laughing at this..but i quite like it..looks dramatic isnt it?hehe


So finally as my promise, here are the result for the "rush' photo shoot..I call it rush because Me and Lala (my office mate) has other things to do that day so we did it in a rush.hehe

We helps Julian aka ibo for being his model to equip his portfolio as a photographer..Actually he's also my office mate. The shoot was taken at Lala's apartment.

Find more of Julian's work here


Catherine Au Jong said...



vdcouture said...

fabulous <3 and i love those shots


chie suci utami apsari said...

flower flower
all about flower
and you look great

michellehendra said...

aww! lovely dress. fierce lahhh baby! :DDDD


Anonymous said...

wow.. awesome, dear!
your hair is totally great


fhen said...

gricia, nice to see you last thursday!

this series of photoshott is lovely. you look so pretty! love the outfit too!
that is your friend who came with you to xsml is it? hehe


Anonymous said...

nice shots dear :)

GRICIA said...

@all:thanksssss!!! *muachh
@fhen:yes dear..its her..and nice to meet u too ^__^

Ario Achda said...

yay for the red lips!!! hahaha

btw, aku udah link juga :)
next time lets say hello! hehehe
thanks a bunch

michelle_ said...

why laugh when you look gorgeous :)
the first shot is pretty :)

btw . itu foto di apartemen mana ??
gw consecutively nyari tempat foto yg nga banyak jd tontonan abang2 ne hahah

JULIE said...


JULIE said...

Photos are amazing!

fai said...

cia ini photo shoot buat apaaan? keren euy

GRICIA said...

@fai:iseng doank kok..cuma bantu tmn kantor yang belajar fotografi =)

Beenie said...

beautiful pics !