Monday, March 21, 2011

"Music makes me lose control" - Missy Elliot

my other half - temmy

at Grazia booth
Me and Pamela with FEM =D

So.. March is a concert month for me, I went to Java Jazz Festival, Far East Movement and Live n Rockin. Well at Java Jazz i'm working actually =P

About Far East! I love them so much, but too bad at the concert they're not supported with the good sound system and too many opening act but overall still quite ok coz FEM very communicative with the audience and gave us an entertaining stage act..

And for Live and Rockin.. At first i planned to watch Taio and Suede, but not as i expected, the concert is very on time! so i missed Taio and watch Suede only. I only knew 1 Suede song, but at least my boyfriend know them =D and i really enjoy their performing act...

ps: how to put the video box to the middle? -__- "

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