Sunday, December 9, 2012

Welcoming Wet n Wild

Have you heard about Wet n Wild Cosmetics? if not, me neither at first. But I'm lucky enough coz I got several products (see above photo) for me to try on.. 

My first attempt is using their Liquid Eyeliner - ultra black color, Blusher - mellow wine color and lipstick - think pink color. The eyeliner is very easy to apply, the blusher is my every day blush now and i fell in love with the pink lipstick instantly. It's the perfect pink I'm looking for!

Second is I'm trying the lipstick with red velvet color, some of you might notice that i'm a fan of red lipstick and this red velvet has completed my collection of red lipstick =)) The lipstick glides on easily, made with hydrating skin-care ingredients. That's great coz my lips skin is quite sensitive.

Oh they also have some sophisticated colors of nail polish. I've tried the "I Red a Good Book" color. Very easy to use because they got the ManiCurve Pro Brush and my manicurist approved it ;)

Check out Wet n Wild WEBSITE now! or visit their FACEBOOK and TWITTER. The good news is they are affordable so you don't have to break your piggy bank ;D


Livia said...

Thanks for follow my blog, dear! I already follow yours back <33 love the lipstick's color! looks so gorgeous <33


fhenny said...

never heard of this brand before but it looks great!
love the lipstick and you look so awesome with short hair :)
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Mitha Komala said...

i heard of it before from my mua's friend and yes they were nice! you look stunning ci Cia xx

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sepatuholic said...

too bad I dont wear makeup, cause this is a good review. good job dear!

sabrina maida said...

Cute top and make up ka ciaaa.. Btw thanks for the giveaway ya ciaa


Helena Natanael said...

thank you for the review! I love your last photo, you look gorgeous!

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Bella Francisca said...

cute lips color <3 love the makeup!

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Abraham Halim said...

love your blog!!
mind following each other?:)
- Xoxo