Sunday, April 7, 2013

Going pastel

Onlyi tee, Somerville shorts, Headband bought at Brightspot
Punish me for not having any blog post for a month! T_T i don't have time to take photos because on weekdays i have to go to office when i reached home the sun is already set, cannot find good spot in my house, while on weekend the next difficulty is taking photo with tripod. I can ask my brothers to help, but they rarely at home on weekend and then i cannot ask my boyfriend because if we only go to somewhere casual then i only wearing casual outfits *sob

But finally i had these (not bad) photos to post, playing with my new camera..Yay!! I bought Olympus pen mini =)) For this post i'm using the soft effect.. Do you like it? Bout the outfit, i'm wearing syiera tee from Onlyi made by this cool woman named Cindy <3 font=""> I bought it twice coz when my maid washing another clothes, the color fading and sticking to my shirt. Since i like it a lot. I buy it again. Btw i'm going to start my hip hop class after years.. I'm quite into dance you know, when i still in kindergarten dancing performance is my favorite, on junior hi i joined school's cheerleader team, on senior hi me and my friends form a dance group and earn some money by having several gigs at birthday parties, companies events and weddings.. But it stops when we graduated from college.. Ahh those years.. me and my flat abs.. haha... Now? don't you dare mention it in front of me. Hahaha.. Just kidding... Till next time! *kiss


Mitha Komala said...

ci cia looking kawaii and pretty heheehe :3 i love your top! and good luck with the hiphop classes ;D

Letters To Juliet

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Ci ciaaaa you loo so cuteee in this ensemble <3 Love the colors! xx