Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Knit Outer

Outer and Shorts fr Somerville, Nike Sneaker Wedges, F21 necklace, Cottonink sleeveless top, Gaudi bracelet
Outer is one of my favorite fashion item besides shorts and necklace. Right now i'm into the long outer with calf length.. Since we don't have winter, I cant wear coat too often especially the one with calf length aka overcoat =( so i choose lighter material like this knit outerwear.. Besides knit there also another option like chiffon for more flowy effect. And by mixing it with shorts the whole look can be more summerish. Well for the side braid, simply because i'm having a bad hair day ='D

Looking at these photos made me realize how big my thighs are. Since the marriage life, i eat whatever i want. Have to diet but don't know when to start coz i'm enjoying comfort food too much *phew

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