Thursday, November 13, 2014

WRP at Jakarta Fashion Week

Bow by Billy Tjong

This time am going to share about WRP at Jakarta Fashion Week, collaborate with Billy Tjong second line named BOW. They are an all red collection, mainly body hugging dresses which can build instant confidence ;) some of you might remember WRP advertising “sure you can do” right? I sang it in my head when I saw this collection. Haha.. Based on their “sure you can do” tagline, I’m gonna share about WRP Diet To Go products which I’ve tried before and it’s quite successful. I lost 2 kilos that time.

I know some of us might been thru love and hate relationship with our weight, believe me I’m still struggling to lose few kilos since seafood, noodle (bakmi) and Padang Rice are my favorite food T_T If you are planning to find ways to lose weight, besides work out, you also need to watch your eating habit. You can have a research at WRP website to find more about their products and diet tips. I post the screen shot of their 6 day weight loss program products, contain of nutritious drink (milk) and cookies for your snack time. Chocolate is my favorite flavor =)) Here is the direct link why wrp diet to go is the right product to choose to get a slim body.

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