Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lovers nite

Last nite me and bf went to Inul Vista at Sarinah to karaoke..we both love to sing,its d 1st time we went there and my impression is their song collection is complete enough,there's a disco ball in d room and they even provide a tamborine.haha..per hour is around 88.000 (tax 20%! and serv chrg 5%)...

After that we went to Brunello at Prapanca (i got d rest pic from google),the lil rest is still a newbie,around 8motnhs,the place is unique,and my bf said too romantic place..we ate escargot,mushroom soup (mostly its my must order menu),and beef pizaiola plus shirley temple and ice peach tea for d beverage total is 233.000,the taste is pretty good,but d service is excellent!!maybe i'll try their speciality menu,angus steak someday..maybe...pricy bo..hehe


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love your outfit! apalagi sepatunya..
mampir ke blog aku deh aku juga jual beberapa heels dan ankle boots.. thx..