Monday, May 23, 2011

Intimate Dinner

Cupcakes by Beckyrooo
The favorite main course - Kepiting Saus Padang

With Phoebe, my bestfriend (Anny) daughter
wearing flower crown by Sibebo
My bff's
With sister and her husband

Last 3 pics - playin with Jona iphone

On May 15th 2011, I had a dinner at my home terrace with my bestfriends and family. Try to give a little decoration, dad is so kind and very helpful (he bought the table, chairs and clean up his plants) am happy with the result, coz we able to squeeze around 18 peoples at that tiny space.. We had a good laugh and for the boys, I think they had a good drink (5 bottles of wine). I'm definitely will have this kind of dinner next time..


Fauzia said...

These birthday wishes may be
Just a tad, a smidgin' late
But you're always wished much happiness
No matter what the date

nadyagita said...

you successfully make me hungry because of those kepiting saus padang! LOL
lovely birthday party :)

la femme

Shanti Pranadi said...

Seems like you had a great time with your best friends and family.. :)

GRICIA said...

fauzia,nadyagita,shanti:thanks guys and yes i had a great time =)

Yanti Rostarina said...

nice share, gricia :)
I guess u had a really great time!

I am following ur blog now :)

visit my blog :
please follow if you like it !

thx :)

GRICIA said...

@yanti:thx dear.i'll visit ur blog =)

diana kang said...

how fun! those cupcakes look so good xx

Sarah said...

Those cupcakes look so yummy!


sibebo said...

waaaaa....happy birthday girl!! Lookin' goooddddd (^_^)