Friday, May 20, 2011

Surprise at 11.30 pm

Super sweet decoration (the baloons are still hanging until today)
Pretty + yummy cupcakes (me & my gf's had this joke about the "too big boobies" lady)
My superb bff
This is how messy the room is.. Especially the spray foam is all over the place. My hair, the floor and my mouth! mouth!!!

Bf + Me (so this is my sleepy face) =P
The cool gifts! All from my wish list hahaha
One happy 25 y.o girl/woman ^__^

On Saturday night May 14th, I'm with my boyfriend spending the time watching dvd. Around 10pm I ask him to drive me home, but he resist and told that his leg is a little bit stiff so I cancelled... But then around 11pm I insist to go home coz I'm so sleepy.

Turns out my gf's, brothers and him are planning to give me a surprise but because I got home earlier, they surprised me at 11.30 pm.haha..but it's ok coz they still succeed. I had a blast time entering my 25 because i have a great family, best lover and fabulous friends by my side. Thanks all, you guys are the best! BIG KISS


Sarah Mar'atul Azizah said...

Happy Birthday kak ;D

Teph said...

Happy happy b'day.. was more than happy to see you happy :)

will be waiting for the posting about dinner! :D

nadyagita said...

happy birthday to you!
such a great birthday of you :)
the cupcakes were so cute, esp the 'too big boobies lady' haha. have a blast, cheers!

la femme

Gian Aryanti said...

wow...wonderful surprise kak :)

Deisha Tamar said...

hello! nice blog & happy bday btw..
i'm selling off my vintage shoes for a lower price (negotiable, save them from being thrown away! lol


Cheska said...

Happy Happy birthday!

Cheska D.