Sunday, May 8, 2011

Very First Giveaway

(photo courtesy of I Wear Up)
WIN Stella Wedges - the winner can choose the color they want (brown/black/red)OR
WIN Paper Pleased "photographic" wallet (also featured in Nylon Ind magazine)
"Photographic" wallet inside part with block note


(photo courtesy of Only I)
WIN Rp 100.000 worth voucher for Only I products
Finally!!My very first giveaway ^__^ I'll turn 25 y.o in one more week, and I want to share my happiness by giving you guys this giveaway.. you can see from above pictures, I'm giving Stella Wedges from I Wear Up / Paper Pleased Wallet / Only I voucher for 3 lucky winner! This giveaway will close on Tuesday, May 16th and I will announce the winner on Wednesday, May 17th.

Here's the rules to join this giveaway:
1. Follow this blog via google and bloglovin --> at the upper right bar
2. Follow my twitter (please leave your twitter account name so I can approve you) + RT my giveaway tweet
3. Named your Top 4 favorite local brand + Drop your email address at the comment box

ps: this giveaway is applies only for Indonesia citizen.

For more info about those 3 brand you can follow their twitter:


Lulut Marganingtyas said...

twitter : @lulut_m
answer : Retail Therapy, Diana Rikasari for Bloop Endorse, de.cada.dia, cotton ink.
email address :

nadyagita said...

Hi Gricia! I'm sooo into this giveaway :)
1. I've followed your blog via google and bloglovin.
2. I've followed your twitter account (my twitter name: @nadyagita)
3. My Top 4 favorite local brand: UP by Diana Rikasari, Retail Therapy, Only I, and June+Julia.
4. My email:

I hope I can win :))
Is there any format for RT your giveaway? Thank you, Gricia!

la femme

GRICIA said...

@nadyagita:u need to follow my twitter first,search my giveaway tweet then click the retweet button or you can do it manually by copy the tweet then put RT before the tweet and click tweet.

nadyagita said...

I've followed your twitter, but I can't see your timeline. Maybe you haven't approve me yet :)

GRICIA said...

@nadyagita: APPROVED =D

gian aryanti said...

Hi kak Gricia :)Hope I can win your giveaway :)
I've done:
1. followed your blog via google and bloglovin
2. @putugian , followed your twitter (approve me, please :))
3. RT your giveaway
4. My fav local brand are : Up, Cottonink, Wondershoe, OnlyI
(may I mention more than 4?hehe)
5. My email :

paperpleased said...

ikutan ah :D
My faves: Jvstify, Stab, Tre, and Ghost

Raissa Sabrina said...

Hi ka G!

I've been following your twitter (my twitter @sasayaang and needs approvement) and your blog via google. Nice blog anyway ;)

Here are my favorite local brands :
1. Cottonink. Murah dan nyaman untuk ehari-hari.
2. Nikicio. No trends and No seasons to follow. Stand out.
3. June and julia. Desain sederhana namun timeless. period.
4. PaperPleased. Pertama kali lihat di NYLON dan langsung jatuh cinta pada dompet bergambar batu kebiru biruan. Sayang saat di order sudah out of stock :X.

So.. Happy Birthday ka G! Wish you nothing but all the best!

twitter : @sasayaang
email ;

Golda Regina said...

whooaaa, this's your first giveaway? Well, the presents are cool! haha :D

1. I've followed your blog both via bloglovin and google connect.

2. I've sent my request to follow your twitter. My twitter is @olgagolda , please accept soon, so i can RT your tweet about the giveaway :)

3. My top 4 favourite local brands are UP, Liberate-Affairs Yk, June+Julia, Loic Loïc
my email:

thank you for your giveaway, and happy early birthday to you, kak :) have a wonderful year ahead. cheers! :D


bethannyputri said...

already follow you via blog lovin kak
and already following your twitter account since long time ago :D

my favourite local brand
-all the things i've done

email -

fingers crossed hope i'll win a pair of up wedges

Allysa Rismaya said...

already follow ur blog with bloglovin'
my twitter acc : @Ladymamagigi

favourite local brand :
1.Diamonds Hurt
2.Little Nuh
3.June and Julia
4.Dhievine By Dhika

email :

paramartha said...

hello ka gricia i'm from PHOSKINNY blog :)

1. i already follow your blog via google and bloglovin

2. i already send you a request to follow you, approve me with username @paramartha then i will RT your giveaway tweet!

3. 4 most favorite local brand :
-Cotton Ink

4. My email :

*hope i can win that 100.000 OnlyI voucher amiiin* :D :D

Cindy Karmoko said...

already follow you via blog and twitter kak

my favourite local brand
-cotton ink
- judittie

email -
lemme win the up wedges >.<

Miss Aa said...

already followed your blog by google connect and bloglovin'
already followed your twitter,but you haven't approved me yet :D ( my twitter : @velaugsta )

fave local brand : the little things she needs

wede41 said...

1. Follow your blog via google and bloglovin? Done! :D

2. Follow ur twitter @griciaeffendi and RT your giveaway tweet? Done! :D

twitter: @wede41

3.My top 4 favorite local brand:
- iwearUP
- june and julia
- RiotsBarbie

Email: :)

Atika Amalina said...

Dear Kak Gricia,
I do follow your blog via bloglovin', google and also follow your twitter account since a few times ago.

And here they're my favourite local brand :
1. Danjyo Hiyoji
3. Majic and FAR
4. PoeiOei (master for totem bag design!)

Twitter: @atikamalina

Have a great day in your birthday kak Gricia, and i'll cross my finger now.

Atika :D

Anonymous said...

*I've followed your blog via google because I don't have a bloglovin account.
*I've followed your twitter, my username is @taltalita and I did the RT
*My fave local brand
- ghost
- all the things I've done
- nikicio

I'm a bit indecisive so finger crossed for up clogs or paperpleased clutch ;)

by the way, thanks for dropping by and post comment on my blog, I will make a post wearing the dress I've got from brightspot soon. thanks Kak Gricia!

Becky Regina said...

OMG you're giving away Up shoes kak? The best giveaway ever! Hahaha. I've followed your blog via google and bloglovin. My twitter is @beckyregina, will RT when you've accepted the request. My favorite local brands are Up, Cotton Ink, Nikicio and June and Julia. I hope I'll win the shoes, love them so badly ;)

Gabriella Olivia said...

hi kak! i've followed your twitter account, blog via google, and your bloglovin too. i alr RT-ed your giveaway tweet too. :-) *i wish i could win this giveaway, amen*
twitter: @gabrielloolivia

and my top 4 favorite brand:
1. Retail Therapy
2. Nikicio
3. Up by Diana Rikasari


Sick by Trend said...

wow! so cool :D great blog honey I'm following!

Look my blog and if you like it, follow me!



Lisa and Kirana said...

followed your blog and twitter account kak plus the bloglovin :D
twitter: @lisaalie
my favourite local brands:
1. L&K
2. Nikicio
3. UP
4. Vahada

i want that UP wedges so bad :(( and thanks for stopping by on my blog :D

Yoanda Pragita said...

Hi there, Gricia! I'm trying my luck on your giveaway ;)

1- I already followed your blog via google and bloglovin.
2- I've followed your twitter. my username is @yoandapragita
3- My favorite local brands: UP by Diana Rikasari, Wondershoe, Cotton Ink, Retail Therapy.
4. email:

*finger crossed*

Erviana said...

hi ka G!

i've followed your blog via
☑ google
☑ bloglovin
☑ twitter account (approve me pls ><)
also i RT-ed your giveaway tweet via @iwearUP's timeline since a few times ago :)

My Top 4 favorite local brand:
1. UP
2. The Riots Barbie
3. Decadadia
4. june and julia

twitter: @rvodca

yey! i hope i could win the giveaway, amin...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ka, best wishes for you^^


Shanti Pranadi said...

Hi Gricia..

1. I've followed you via google and bloglovin.
2. My twitter is @ShantiPranadi. Please approve me.. :) I'll RT after you've approved me..
3. My top 4 favorite local brand are : Up by diana rikasari, nikicio, cotton ink, and soubrette. :)

My email address :

Anyway, happy bday :)

Greita Anggraeni said...

Hallo kak! Sudah aku follow blognya via google dan bloglovin!
Twitter juga udah di request @GREITA_
Tweet giveaway sudah di RT :)
email :

4 Brand lokal favorite:
1. UP by Diana Rikasari
2. Nikicio
3. Sou Brette
4. Geulis (so indonesian but very stylish!)

Semoga aku bisa menang sepatu UPnyaa dan ini menjadi penyemangat buat ulangan umum!!

dsy said...

whoaa what a great giveaway! mauu Stella UP-nya! :)

1. Followed you both via google & bloglovin'
2. Followed you via twitter (@coffeecream) and still waiting for your approval ;)
3. My top 4 fav local brand:
- Nikicio, for their super comfy NN:02 line
- Cotton Ink, for their casual chic collection
- Kavi Indonesia, for their cute batik clothes
- Kami Idea, for their comfy tie-dyed shawls


hope I can win! :D

RachelMonica said...

1. blog lovin : DONE
2. Twitter : FOLLOWED by @RachelMonicaS
3. RT : DONE
4. my top four local designers are Danjyo Hiyoji, Cotton Ink, Nikicio, andKLE

my email address :

Happy Birthday :))

GRICIA said...

Guys, thanks a lot for joining this giveaway =D don't forget that you have to follow my blog via google and bloglovin as well.

Many thanks!

Sarah Mar'atul Azizah said...

thanks for the giveaway kak ;D
*pengen UP Stella wedgesnya

1. GFC: Sarah Mar'atul Azizah
bloglovin: azhezha
2. follow and RT @azhezha
3. Top 4 favorite local brand by me:
-Rumah Warna
-Dagadu Jogja
-Damn I Love Indonesia
-I Wear UP


Fuchsia and Viscaria said...

Follow your bloglovin'? Check! I am Painty Paint Pots
Follow you via GFC? Check! I am Riyandini Putri
Follow your twitter? Check! I am @dinyputri. I retweeted @ShantiPranadi retweet cos you haven't approve me yet.
My top 4 favorite local brand are Nikicio, June and Julia, Cotton ink, and Retail Therapy.

Thanks to let me in :)


Cellia Elisabeth said...

follow your twitter? check!
blogovin and google connect? check!

i love : juneandjulia, wondershoe,cottonink, UP

my twitter acc : @celliaelisabeth

pandarl said...

1. I've followed your blog via google and bloglovin.
2. I've followed your twitter account (my twitter name: @yessicarusli)
3. My Top 4 favorite local brand: UP by Diana Rikasari, Cotton Ink, Nikicio and Naima :)
4. My email:

irdaawandiraa said...

1. Bloglovin and GFC ? Done :)
2. sent my follow request, please approve :D twitter : @irdawandira RT ? Done.
3. Nikicio, RetailTherapy, UP, June+Julia (This is my Top 4, but out there there's still many awesome local brands by our local designers. yeay local !)

great giveaway and happy advance birthday ! All the best for you on your twentyfifth year, Kak :D

Hope I can win those amazing Stella or the PaperPleased wallet <3 OnlyI's voucher is also tempting :9

Crossing finger, wish me luck :)

hanny arianty gultom said...

Yay.. i hope i am not late.. hehe.. Wew happy silver age yah Gricia.. i am now too.^^

Done all the requirements except RT your tweet giveaway (still waiting for your confirmation G.. ^^ )

so, here are my 4 favorites local brands..

-Bloop Endorse
-Only I
-June & Julia

twitter: @mshunz

cheers for you G.. :)

fhenny said...

hi kak cia, first of all i wish you an awesome birthday!!

have followed your blog on google. bl. and twitter!
have rt the tweet as well!

my top 4 lcoal fave brand:
one and a half

michellehendra said...

happy birthday sayang! ;) :) ;)

top local fave brand :

nikicio FTW!
only i
danjyo hiyoji

R@!$4 said...

Aaahhh onlyi! sekalian this as my local fave brand, among the other 3: XSML, DANJYO HIYOJI, N AIRPLANE SYSTEM.

followed ya n have RT-ed! :)


have a smashin' burpday!

Anonymous said...


1. Follow this blog via google and bloglovin.
2. Follow your twitter as @monikaretnani + RT this giveaway here.
3. I love KLÉ, Nikicio, Danjyo-Hiyoji, and COTTON INK. :)

liz said...

Super Yayness, I am so excited with this giveaway. I would like to participate in it dear.
Anw i am totally follower through Google Friend Connect and bloglovin name liz.
I follow you on twitter bird name dokidokico :) and spread words as dokidokico too :)
My fav local brands are Panglooks, Cottonink, Mimo, and PetiteCupcakes :)
Godness, hope I am lucky enough to get the Stella ! :)

Much Thankies for the chance dear
Good luck for me and everyone :)


dsy said...

hi.. I've left a comment but it seems it's missing maybe during Blogger's maintenance, so I'll put an entry again, hope it's not too late

1. Followed u via Google connect & Bloglovin'
2. Followed u on twitter @coffeecream, and already RTed ur giveaway tweet
3. My top 4 fav local brands:
- Nikicio for the comfy NN:02
- Cotton Ink for their casual chic clothing
- Kavi Indonesia for their fun batik
- Kami Idea for their cute tie dyed shawls


and oh, Happy bday!! have a great year! all the best ;)