Monday, September 5, 2011

Bali, 14-15 Aug 2011

 Stairs to Padang2 Beach
 My <3 at Padang2 Beach
 Enjoying the sun and the skies
 Karma Kandara Beach (view from the top)
Hell of stairs to Karma Kandara Beach
 Strike a pose =D
 Full team at Rock Bar
 Ichen got wasted at 4AM after enjoying Sky Garden
Still hangover couple =D

So.. here is my uber late post about my trip to Bali last month.. Sorry guys =)
At day 2 we went to Padang2 Beach --> Karma Kandara Beach (got a lil story of it) --> Rock Bar --> Dinner at Menega, Seafood, Jimbaran --> Got crazy at Sky Garden.

As u can see at above picture, if you want to enjoy Karma Kandara Beach, there's 2 option: using (hell of) stairs or using their small tram (don't know what to call) but you have to pay Rp 250.000. We thought that we have to pay 250K only for the tram and we think its kinda pricy.. So we decided to used stairs that could (almost) kill us.. Yess those huge stairs and those rocks to reach the beach are very exhausting! When we went down there's still a smile on our face but when we went up.. Oh my Gosh none of us talk cause we want to save our breath except my crazy boyfriend screaming "SEMANGAT" =D

When we finally reach back to the top, we got news from a friend that those 250K is not only for the tram!! but u'll get 100K F&B voucher and also kayaking + snorkeling tools!! Crazy huh! So next time you want to go to Karma Kandara, you know which option you should choose ok?!
Next is Rock Bar, I suggest you if you want to wait for the sunset, you can go around 5PM, cause we got there around 4PM and the sun is still a lil bit too its kinda hot that we have to use 3 huge umbrella (Rock Bar provide em) to cover us.

And then dinner at Menega Seafood, since its a very famous restaurant, the place is so packed that we have to wait for an hour to get our dinner served.. Well if u go to Bali at low season maybe it's still ok but if you go at hi-season, better find another seafood restaurant.

Last but not least is our Sky Garden night (kinda hi lite of the day, eventhou not all of us went here). If you love to "drink" and dance, this is one of the hippest place.. They got 4 or 5 floor i forgot, so u can choose which dance floor u'd like to hit.. But if you just want to chill you can sit at the terrace area.. They had a great playlist that could keep us to stayed till 4AM..So the result for tomorrow is zombie face!!!

Actually on our last day we plan to go to Ubud area to visit the hanging garden and Bu Oka, too bad there's Ngaben on that day so probably there will be a traffic jam and we have to catch or flight on time..

Speaking about our flight.. Gosh such a long post eh?! Since all of us still in our zombie condition, we slept at the airport and i'm in a deep sleep.. Suddenly one of my friend is running to us and scream this is our LAST CALL!! Can you imagine you are in a deep sleep and got awake like that?! My heart is thumping so fast and all of us are running with our luggage.. And when we got into the plane, there're still lots of passenger who haven't get into the plane yet. Duhh??!!

Overall I really enjoyed this short trip.. And expecting another trip to Bali =))


AlvianaKalin said...

you must have had an amazing trip! now I miss Bali so much :(


Susan Angelia said...

I MISS BALI TO THE MAX! Waktu itu aku ngk sempet ke karma kandara sih, sayang bgt pdahal pantai nya keliatan bagus :(