Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cruise Trip

Star Cruise Virgo at Phuket Harbour

View from the room
since junior hi till now this horses stand still

Mangrove tour at Langkawi - Eagle feeding (such a breathtaking view)

Met Marty at Madagascar (Univ. Studio)
Yours truly <3
Spent holiday with the family at Star Cruise Virgo for 4D/3N, stop by at Langkawi and Phuket couple hours, quite refreshing.. Then continue to stayed at Festive Hotel, Resorts World for 3D/2N.

I've been to Star Cruise since I'm still in junior hi and they're still the same till now =P I don't have much time while in Sing, went to Universal Studio again to accompany my siste's husband and my brother's girlfriend. The rest are visiting Ikea, Marina Bay and Orchard in a very short period of time... But still enjoy Uniqlo thou.. Love their basic items! 

Btw hows ur holiday?

PS: Missed H&M opening with 1 day difference  =(


stella lee said...

hello there! love your blog! and id love to take cruise too one day <3 anyway i have OPI giveaway on my blog, the total prize is over 1 million IDR, and there will be 3 winners!

care to join? ^^ thanks!

Sabila Anata said...

wowww this is great! u must be having so much fun here :D

Caroline Robianto said...

i took the cruise once.. i think it was great ;D

Cindy Karmoko said...

OMG i envy you much cia! i miss Singapore and i want phuket >.<

Caroline Robianto said...

oooooooo so this is gricia's blog :D hello2.. nice to know you dear :) thank you for dropping by on my blog!

♥ myrrh goldframe ♥ said...

cruise moment! someday i should try it once! seems you have lotta fun there,sweetheart! <3

Yuh Rohana DPS Meliala said...

hmm totally cute :)

follow my blog :

Artis said...

wow amazing