Thursday, November 8, 2012

Korea Trip Part 3

Coffine Gurunaru
Must try the bread
Bee Bim Bap

from restaurant at Myeondong
BBQ at Sinsadong Garosu Gil

Gotta try the Soju as well of course ;D
My third post is about Korean culinary! Spent a week at Korea and all of the restaurants I have visited are nailed it! The price is also (still consider) affordable. Well 2 restaurants are failed. But overall my opinion is culinary trip at Korea is A MUST!

Btw at Korea, coffee shops are part of their lifestyle, if in Jakarta Starbucks is everywhere, in Korea Coffine Gurunaru is... Well there are several other brands.. But already forgot. hehe..

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Anonymous said...

nice blog! korea!
xo, I

Mitha Komala said...

maukkk bibimbap nyaaahhhh :9 bikin laper ciiiii T.T

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