Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Korea Trip Part 4

Yeah.. i'm too lazy to wear my shoes properly
Companion to Busan - snack and map
View to Busan
Where we stayed at Busan - Zen Backpackers
June's home is very cozy

Messages from travelers around the world, lots from my country (Indonesia) btw =)

at Busan Aquarium
Heundae Beach
Busan Film Festival

If usually people choose Jeju Island when they visit Korea (beside Seoul), I decided to chose Busan City. I'm sure that Jeju scenery would be marveleous, but i'm quite curious with Busan. My colleague borrowed me a book about 1 Indonesian woman who went to several cities in Korea, and Busan is the one who caught my attention.

We went to Busan by train which called Korail. They got three types of train, they are KTX the most expensive, Saemaul and Mugunghwa. I bought the mugunghwa tix by online and the result is we missed the train because we went to sleep around 3am the night before and woke up late =P So the compensation from the Korail staff is they return our money 15% from the tix price. And another drama is we bought another ticket but waited at the wrong line which made us missed the train again!! So me and my friend begging to the staff to not returning only 15% of the tix price because its already the second time we missed it. The kind-hearted staff returned our money 85% from the tix price *fiuhh then we bought another ticket and make sure that we wont wait at the wrong line again.

This whole drama made us arrived late at Busan.. But hey every trip got their own story and i consider this as one of my lifetime experience ;) We stayed at Zen backpackers which i also knew from the book. Surprisingly the place actually better than what i saw at the website and the location is very strategic (near subway and shopping area). The owner, June is a very cool and funky man. It's very interesting that he shared (and rent) another 3 rooms at his apartment to people from all around the world. Btw he can do a fortune telling but too bad because of the tight schedule I can't ask June to "read" me =(

I only stayed at Busan for one night that's why nothing much i could share to you guys, whereas i want to take a look how is heundae beach ambience at the noon, is it the same like Bali ;P but for 1 night trip, i still manage to visit several places such as: shopping area near Zen, Busan Aquarium, Heundae Beach, Shinsegae but only the supermarket coz the stores are already closed and Trick Eye Museum.

My to do list if i get the chance to visit Busan again is try the jimjilbang at Vesta which located at Heundae area, because these woman from Canada who also stayed at Zen told me that trying Vesta Spa is A MUST!

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