Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Holiday's outfit

Onlyi Kartini dress, Fendi sling bag, Asos flats
Mphosis dress, Somerville shirt, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, H&M boots
Romwe galaxy print dress, Onlyi bag & necklace
Somerville shirt, Ripped jeans bought at Shanghai, Zara sling bag, Asos flats
Onlyi Soekarno dress, Stiu shoes
Somberville sweater, Uniqlo legging pants, Zara sling bag, Babe Hat bowler hat, Reebok shoes, Say BAM necklace
During Idul Fitri holiday I decided to a bit dress up so i can take my ootd (outfit of the day) photos for my Instagram. So everytime i went out with my husband i said to him i'm wearing photo material outfit. Haha.. How's your holiday? mine was great. This year me and my family decided not to went overseas but exploring Jakarta and the surrounding instead because the traffic was sooo goooddd...

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