Sunday, August 17, 2014

I DO then what?

Can’t believe that time is running so fast.. Feels like yesterday he proposed me (which actually around last mid year) and next month is already our wedding reception!! All of our preparation to the Big Day finished around 90% I might say.. And I can say proudly that we did it quite smooth because we know what we want, we set budget properly =) Yes.. what else is the most important thing to prepare besides budget right? (well of course love, mentality include but lets just talk the reality) Budget will be the most often topic to discuss with our “husband to be” during the day after he proposed us (woman) until the Big Day.. =D

This blog post is specially dedicated for those who are going to get married ;) Let me share 3 most important items that you should put on your top list when you & your “husband to be” preparing the wedding reception.
1. Venue: Both of you have to make an agreement to each other before you discuss to your parents about how you both want this reception will be and how far you both willing to adjust to the parents requests. Because from stories I heard (happened to me as well) sometimes the parents want stuffs that one of you might won’t agree. So how many invitees is the first thing to decide. After that you can browse on website like to find what kind of venue you both want (hotel ballroom / function room / restaurants / indoor or outdoor), you’ll find it helpful because the photos in the website are very updated from each venue based on the wedding projects they had. has “save” button for you to save several photos you like and then you can compare those venues because you want to see them back and forth right?! After decided let say your top 5 venues, next thing is you can go to the “email” button to request pricelist for wedding package (to check if the package match your budget), after that you can visit the venues you both agreed to check.
 2. Bridal: Men can wear a fine suit or tux then voila they looked handsome. But women! So many options of gown shapes we have to pick that’s why choosing the right bridal or designer is on my number 2 list. It’s a long path to walk dear :’) If you have extra budget you can have a custom made wedding gown because it will designed based on your body shape, you can discuss every detail about it. Perfect for the perfectionist one. Hehe.. In my case, I choose to rent the wedding gown.. I have visited lots of bridals.. And it’s a good thing to do because you can compare prices & try the styles at each bridal had.. When you click to and choose bridal you can filter the options by click the budget button. It will take you directly to bridals / designers that match your budget (if you have to googling and sort one by one it’s too tiring and when you find out the one you like is off the budget that’s quite pathetic right so just click the filter that’s already provided). 
3. Make up artist: It’s not easy to find the right make up artist (MUA), their hand job is very personal. The result for one to another can be different.. They called it cocok-cocokan in bahasa =P great thing that I found at is (again) the updated photos.. We can check the latest project of each make up artist. My suggestion is if you already choose several make up artists, try them one by one when you have special occasion. So that you’ll know if you feel click or not.. Yes you can get free trial when you booked a MUA but if you don’t like the free trial you will hesitate and feel not sure with how you’ll look during the Big Day but cannot do anything because you already put DP to the MUA unless it’s ok for you to cancel the booking which mean the DP cannot be refund. Best thing is read the reviews, check the latest creation of the MUA is it consistently good or not, compare the before and after result. After that, have a trial. That’s why I put MUA as the top 3 because you need to have enough time to try several MUAs. 

So that’s all for now. Hopefully this blog post will be helpful. I’m planning to have another one about (not so) small things on wedding. Just stay tune guys! 

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